About Us

When askeJerkins Twinsd what is their greatest blessing both reply, “To have a sister who looks like me, sings like me and is able to inspire people with me.”
At the sweet tender age of five, Jenny and Jackie Jerkins began their singing career in the sanctuary of their father’s church. With the profound words of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”, their unique ability of blending voices began.
It is from this point Jenny and Jackie began cultivating their vocal and songwriting talents. Their association with people from different walks of life has allowed them to realize the enormous responsibility of reaching people through encouragement, motivation and love.
Jenny and Jackie continue to be recognized throughout the world from their intimate involvement and experience with the Bobby Jones Gospel Show (BET Network). Dr. Bobby Jones says, “Jenny and Jackie’s novelty as twins and identical tonalities create an awesome blend”.
“The Twins” as they are affectionately called by most, are excellent motivators and vocalists – naturally taking charge of any environment where they are invited and leading their audience on an enjoyable journey.
How often do you experience the unique and unusual? Take this opportunity to experience something different – Jenny and Jackie