Jennifer Jerkins


Born into a family that is musically gifted, spiritually centered and politically involved, Jennifer discovered her penchant for sacred music amid a world that was ever changing in a household anchored by faith.  From birth, Jennifer was exposed to various styles and textures of gospel music through the preaching-singing ministry of her parents, Pastor Jerry and Lady Naomi Jerkins.  With an innate ability to hear all the music that was presented during worship at her father’s church each Sunday, Jennifer would return home and by piano, play the same hymns and gospel renditions she heard at church…just like the choir sang them.  As Jennifer spent time rehearsing, her parents listened from the kitchen and decided it was time to expand her God-given musical gifts through training.  Thirsty to learn all she could about music, formal training (piano and voice) began at age nine for Jennifer.  She continues cultivating her growth by engagement in various workshops, conferences and clinical settings, and credits her family and mentor, Dr. Bobby Jones as significant musical influences in her life.  With a music swag that is eclectic in nature, Jennifer has the unique ability to fuse Hymns, Gospel, Christian, Inspirational, Rap and Spoken Word formats into a presentation that motivates people from diverse backgrounds and ages, pointing them to Jesus Christ.